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What is The Inner Work

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

“Using awareness, personal responsibility, and inner work to review our unskillful or frightened reactions, we become more adept at turning habitual reactions to balanced responses. These moments are very exciting and gratifying.”- Bishop John Earle

Why do Innner Work?

The purpose of The Inner Work is to realign yourself with

love and joy in every new moment and therefore live in an

awakened state as your true Self. The first step to actualizing this is

to simply become aware of any shift away from inner peace and

gratitude. Remember that your true Self is in silent bliss of

existence. Whatever pulls you out of this divine contentment is

what we refer to as a trigger. A trigger reveals a limitation in our

unconscious programming and is our first clue on the path to


What Are Triggers?

Each time we are pulled out of peace, we must turn our gaze

away from the scenario and instead look within ourselves with

curious eyes. For some of us dissatisfaction may arise first thing in

the morning with the sounding of the alarm clock. As soon as we

wake up, feelings of stress and frustration regarding our to-do lists

may immediately come to our attention. For others, bitterness or

anger may arise suddenly when our partner says or does something

we deem inconsiderate or annoying. Or perhaps joy leaves us when

an unexpected bill arrives reminding us of a perceived burden.

Whatever the initial fall from peace may have been triggered by,

we must move our attention away from the circumstance and

become more interested as to why we are even bothered to begin

with. What belief is behind the trigger? The purpose of identifying

triggers is to connect them to a root program belief that is not

serving our highest Self. In so doing we reclaim our power and

authority over our responses to life.

Opportunities For Doing Inner Work

In Everyday Moments

For example, let’s say your partner or child does something in a

public setting that draws unwanted attention and you become

embarrassed, therefore falling away from a peaceful state. Without

The Inner Work you might feel tempted to reprimand them or

shame them with guilt. This is a typical auto-response of an

unconscious program of embarrassment and feeling unlovable. The

program seeks to perpetuate itself by blaming other people or

circumstances for its discomfort while avoiding taking ownership

that the program itself is the issue. How we react to triggers is very

telling as to what program we might be running on. If we

reprimand and degrade another, we probably struggle with shame.

If we judge another we most likely tend to harshly judge ourselves

and therefore struggle with guilt. Essentially every time we are

triggered we are being invited to break free of an old program that

is limiting our joy.

Apply The Inner Work, and this exact same scenario can

become a golden opportunity for healing and transformation. With

practice, rather than blaming someone else for embarrassing you,

you will instead inquire as to why you are so easily embarrassed.

This inner analysis may reveal an unconscious part of yourself that

still struggles with self-acceptance and self-love. Which then might

spark curiosity as to where you inherited this self-rejection in the

first place. Consequently revealing a memory of a parent shaming

you as a child for embarrassing them. And thus the moment you

first covered yourself with a blanket is discovered. The color of

that blanket just happens to be shame. With this kind of awareness

you can now decide for yourself to take the layers of shame off,

knowing that this limitation was projected onto you and does not

need to be endorsed any longer. Once separate from it, you can

finally feel freedom in your own skin. With The Inner Work

everyone becomes our teachers and all triggers become

opportunities to transcend.

“Everything that irritates us about others, can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”- Carl Jung

You Have A Choice In Every Moment

With this type of awareness about yourself, there arises an

actual choice actual choice to let the program continue or to choose

something different. Without awareness of themes of consciousness,

programs, or triggers, there is limited freedom and lack of choice

because we remain focused on the external scenario and never look

inside ourselves. Without realizing there is a choice in how we

experience reality, we remain obedient to the voice inside our

heads, forever finding ways to validate the very programs which

keep us trapped.

Inner Freedom

It is with this new, heightened awareness of ourselves that the

gap emerges between each situation and our response to it, thus

allowing for genuine free will and decision. By becoming aware of

our ability to choose our inner perspectives and beliefs in every

moment, we reclaim authority over our lives and exercise our

spiritual will to go beyond the ego’s patterns of behavior and

rewrite the root program. Using the same example as above,

with The Inner Work, you would feel embarrassment arising and

rather than becoming it, you could observe it.

The inner narrative changes from, “This is so embarrassing, I

am so embarrassing,” to “a feeling of embarrassment is coming up,

but I choose peace. I am loved as I am. I can never be embarrassed

and am always doing the best I can. I am perfect, whole, and

complete. I embrace myself and love myself. Anyone's opinion of

me has nothing to actually do with me.”

“When the mind is disturbed by negative thoughts,
one should dwell on their opposites.”
- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 2:33

After affirming this new narrative, breathe into this new

outlook, notice how much better it feels, how empowering it is,

and how much more loving and true it feels. Settle into this new

person you are becoming. Your transformation in these everyday

moments is real and not to be brushed off as insignificant. True

change is in the simple, small moments of life. There is nothing

grandiose needed. All genuine healing comes from consistent,

small moments that accumulate to make a powerful, lasting shift in

awareness. Every time you consciously choose your new narrative

over your inherited programs, you are literally becoming a new

person biologically, mentally, and spiritually.

By uprooting and replacing old programs, you institute a new

pattern of approach to your life, thereby altering every aspect of

your life such as levels of success, happiness, love, and feelings of

connection and purpose. Gradually the old programs will stop

being triggered because your mind will know they are no longer a

viable option—imagine a program being uninstalled or deleted

from a computer. Thus, with the old program removed and the new

narrative established and reinforced, the new program will take

root and consciousness can move on in its evolution. This is how

all true evolution and lasting change takes place.

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