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The Inner Work Will Guide You Step-By-Step Through
a Personal Hero's Journey; To Face Your Inner Shadows, Heal Self-Sabotage & Finally Master Your Self

Hal Elrod
Author of The Miracle Morning

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 If you're looking for a book to help you heal dysfunctional relationship patterns, stop self-sabotage, and want to learn exactly how to co-create a healthy, lasting, and conscious relationship, this book is for you!

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Matt O'Neill
Author of The Good Mood Revolution

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Order Your Copy Of The Inner Work


Order Your Copy Of The Inner Work
o f Relationships


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Namaste, We're Mat & Ash
a.k.a. The Yoga Couple

We're the authors of The Inner Work, hosts of The Inner Work Podcast. Through holistic healing practices and yoga philosophy, our work empowers people to heal themselves and their relationships.


The Inner Work Podcast

With The Yoga Couple

Down to earth. Radically honest.

 A spiritual look at real-life everyday challenges. Let's talk about what's underneath the surface. 

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