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It's more than a book, it's a living practice.


The Inner Work Challenge

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Reading The Inner Work books is a profound step in your self-healing journey.
To support you in doing your Inner Work rather than just reading about it, we have designed a free interactive challenge to accompany your daily reading.

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Example Class

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Inner Work Yoga Classes: Emotions are stored in the body. Learn how to somatically release stuck emotions through yoga, breathwork, and energy clearing practices. Each class is specifically designed to help address the themes of consciousness that you will learn in this book


Self-reflection activities: Receive actionable practices, guided meditations, journal prompts, podcast recordings, and Inner Work processes in your inbox

Exclusive Reader Community: Join our private online group to ask questions, share, and reflect with other Inner Workers

By committing to The Inner Work Challenge, you’re not just reading a book; you’re actively integrating what you are

learning and transforming yourself from the inside out

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challenge itinerary

After each week, you can share and discuss your reflections and questions in the private group for readers. 
 Throughout each week you will experience somatic yoga classes, self-reflection assignments, and podcast episodes that go along with the books.
You will be mailed Inner Work weekly challenges that coincide with your book reading.
By the end of this challenge you will not only have finished an entire book, but you will have a profound experience of healing within yourself and or relationships.
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Meet your hosts

Mat & Ash are best known as The Yoga Couple to their 1.5M+ online community. A devoted married couple, holistic healers, and modern spiritual teachers, their down to earth approach to Eastern philosophy and Western psychology makes spirituality and self-healing accessible to all. They are best-selling authors of The Inner Work, The Inner Work of Relationships,  hosts of The Inner Work podcast and live on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Mat & Ash

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