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"My desire for this record  was to tap into the feeling of each of the themes of consciousness found inside The Inner Work book and musically score the representation of those feelings being transmuted. When readers go through each chapter, the music is right there alongside them, encouraging them to feel deeply, providing clarity, and inspiring change within."  -St. Finnikin
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St. Finnikin is a remembrance teacher, storyteller & sonic alchemist who helps guide you back to your authentic, undeniable self through artistic expression. His music is his way of bringing people all over the world together in harmony & sacred union. He knows we are all artists down to the core - in his words,  'there is no prerequisite to creating other than an honest desire to create and simply that.' He has spent the last three years creating a space called Energy Hospital where he has been composing individual curated songs for peoples healing journey.  Songs that can be used as tools to assist movement in areas that may have felt blocked & stagnant. 

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